Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Publication of Golden Jubilee Souvenir

At the time of conclusion of the Golden Jubilee celebrations a souvenir is proposed to be released. The publication would be in the form of a 200 page book. It will contain articles on history, culture. language, literature of Magadh.

Lovers of Magadh are requested to contibute write-ups ( articles on various aspect of Magadh, photographs relating to Magadh, poems and short stories, travelogues etc.)

Contributions may be sent to Mandal's Patna Address or e-mailed to by the end of 2006.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


  1. Quartely journal in Magahi, Bihan, published from Patna, Bihar, India
  2. 32 Books ( novels, poems, folk literature, short shorties,dramas, etc. )

For these books and for subscription to the journal kindly contact at the following e-mail address:

Enquiries may also be sent at the Mandal office address in Patna, Bihar, India.

Membership Rates

The membership rates are as under:
Within India/Nepal/Bhutan: Annual- Rs.50; Life - Rs.500; Patron - Rs.5000.
NRI: Annual- US $ 10; Life- $1oo; Patron- $1000.
Privileges: Membrs will receive Mandal's quarterly Magahi magazine "Bihan" free and all its publications at 20% rebate. Patron's brief life sketch with a photograph will be published in the subsequent issue of BIHAN and their name with current address in the first issue every year. Besides, all members will be invited to attend, participate, put up resolutions and seek election to the various posts of the Bihar Magahi Mandal at its Annual Conferences.
Special Donations: Lump sums can be donated (for Fixed Bank Deposits) to give awards to individuals or organizations in fields of language and literature, art and culture of Magadh out of the interest earned on the amount. This may be done to commemorate one's self or near and dear ones. Donations (above 500 for the construction of Mandal's building will be listed on a plaque. Donations may also be made to bear the cost of a book in Magahi. The donor's photograph with acknowledgement will appear in the book.

Appeal for funds and patronage

On behalf of Magahi Mandal, I appeal to all lovers and patrons of Magahi language and culture to contribute generously to the corpus fund of the organization.
The donationa may kindly be send in the name of Bihar Magahi Mandal, Patna, at the following address:
Bihar Magahi Mandal
V-34 Vidyapuri, Kankerbagh East, Patna, 800020,Bihar, India.
Phone (91)(612)-355155

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Magahi Mandal on the Web

Welcome to the first online issue of the Bihar Magahi Mandal

The Bihar Magahi Mandal was founded in Patna, Bihar (India) in the year 1955. The aim of the organization is to highlight and promote the cultural and historical heritage of Magadh Region of India.
Mandal is celebrating its golden jubilee during 2006-7. The celebrations are going on since April 2006. It is proposed to collect sufficient funds for:
  1. Construction of an office building in Patna
  2. Creation of a corpus fund to meet the running expences for publication of books, monographs, journal etc.
  3. Organization of cultural events highlighting the glories of Magadh.
  4. Preparation of promotional materials.
  5. Opening of branches of the body in every district headquarters of Magadh region